Glucosamine Series

Standard: USP35 Capacity: 240 Ton/Month Powder, DC & Tablet Available
Green Tea Extract

Tea Polyphenols Catechins EGCG Caffeine
Natural Caffeine

Product Name: Natural Caffeine CAS No.: 58-08-2 1) USP 30 grade for pharmaceutical use 2) 95% Min. for soft drink 3) 80% Min. for health nutraceutical (tablet) 4) 50%-70%Min. for tea drink
Instant green tea powder

100% soluble in water, ultra- membrane filtration with relatively light color and strong green tea flavor, the polyphenols is NLT35%, its polyphenols & catechins have a strong effect on anti-oxidation and physiological activity, with large quantities of applications and are most suitable for popular healthy green tea food or beverage use.

Sinoway International (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is an ISO-9001 certified & professional manufacturer of Dietary Supplements, including D-Glucosamine Series, Stevia, Natural Caffeine, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), Beta-Carotene, Astaxanthin, Levodopa etc.

D-Glucosamine Series: We are one of the largest manufacturer in China

Stevia: High Rebaudioside A 99% in regular and commercial size supply

Natural Caffeine: We are the legal manufacturer in China solely as it is government licensed product.

Green Tea Extract: High pure EGCG 99% in regular and commercial size supply.

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